We complete a deep dive into your business, analysing your sales, customers and gross profits from each sector of activity. This will give you a clear picture of exactly where your good profits are currently coming from and, just as important, where your losses or low profits are arising, so that you can begin the process of improving your overall profitability.

We find your key numbers, the ones that will enable you to manage and grow your business in a more focussed way. All businesses wish to sell goods and services to customers. This can be broken down into four areas:  


Goods or services get ordered by a customer on specific terms (the order)

  • How many customers does the business serve and how does it get more?
  • Has the customer been informed of areas where they could increase their spend, either before the order or during the work?
  • Is the pricing for materials required accurate?
  • Is the pricing for staff hours accurate?
  • Is there an allowance for waste or contingencies?
  • Is the profit adequate?

Goods are bought for the order

  • Are the goods obtained at the best prices?
  • Are the quantities of materials in line with the order quoted?
  • Is waste of materials in line with the amount estimated in the price?

Staff provide labour to complete the order

  • Do staff complete the order in the time quoted?
  • Do staff complete the order to the standard expected?

Completed orders are converted to sales to the customer and the customer pays

  • Are the completed orders invoiced to customers in a prompt and regular manner?
  • Are the invoices accurate?
  • Is there a system in place to ensure that the customer pays within the terms on the invoice?

We create four or five key performance indicators for you to use to ensure that your business growth plan keeps on track through the above process.

Client Testimonials


“I certainly would recommend (ARK) to anyone who is in need of an honest, reliable and professional accountant and in fact have already done so.”


“I have been a client of (ARK) for over 20 years, going from a self employed chef to owning and running a 7 figure recruitment company. The team at (ARK) have helped in the growth of my business by giving me sound financial and business advice. Nothing is too much trouble, they are ultra professional and a friendly company to do business with.”

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